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Northstar Demountable Campers

Welcome to the new online UK home for Northstar demountable campers, we hope you find the site useful, easy to use and find out the information you require,  Over the next few weeks adjustments and content will be updated and changed frenquently,  please bear with us during this process as we tune the site for you to get the most out of it.  We welcome any comments or feedback from any who use the site.  Thank you

Versatile, well designed and fits most UK Pick up Trucks.

The ultimate camper for freedom and convenience, Northstar demountable campers have been building high quality, innovately designed units for fifty years. The perfect way to experience the great outdoors for you and your family.

Northstar Quality

Quality materials are important in the construction, but the craftsmanship in putting it together is what sets Northstar Demountable Campers ahead of the competition. Every joint in the Northstar is glued, stapled, and then screwed together with hardened steel screws. Corners are wrapped with galvanised steel for additional strength.

Northstar Campers are built to last. We encourage you to put one to the test.