760SC Pop top with toilet and shower

760SC Pop top with toilet and shower

The new 2020 760SC is the Pop top camper which has a toilet and shower fitted. Suitable for most UK model double and king/super cab pick up trucks, with it's low centre of Gravity making more suitable for driving off the beaten tracks. 

Now available with fully insulated canvas for longer use throughout the seasons.   


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Base Dry Weight (pounds) 1,500
Closed Body Height  
Interior Height - Open 6' 4"
Interior Height - Closed 4' 9"
Average Closed Road Height 6' 8"
Exterior Width 6' 5"
Overall Length 14' 5"
Floor Length 7' 9"
Approximate Center of Gravity
(measured from front of truck bed toward rear)
Cabover Bed Size 56 x 74
Dinette Bed Size  
Mattress to Roof Height - Open 32"
Mattress to Roof Height - Closed 6"
Fresh Water Capacity 17 Gal

Available options / accessories: